Who We Are

We are a mentoring program with role models and positive influences that bridge the father gap and help develop young children as leaders to become a positive influence in the world and support them in achieving the ultimate victory – walking in the destiny God has planned for them.

Our Vision

Our vision for Hayr Mer is to have 12 locations throughout Armenia were we are able to provide mentorship for fatherless children. To provide daily necessities, such as food and clothing. To give the children hope for the future and a vision for their life.

Our Mission

The mission of Hayr Mer is to provide a year round program of support, encouragement and moral values that foster the development of life skills in young children without a father figure in their lives, bridge the father gap and support the family structure.

Nerses Kopalyan

nersesMentoring boys without a father figure in their lives in Las Vegas since 2007 under Team Focus, Inc. Birthed a vision to establish a mentoring program for fatherless children in Armenia.
Children will hide their pain due to a missing father and through this program, we encourage, motivate, and challenge them.” – Nerses Kopalyan